LEGO DC Super-Villains
Case Study – Social


It’s good
to be bad…


Together with the global campaign plan, Eye-D is responsible for the North American social media strategy, content creation and management of all owned social media channels for Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and #LEGODCGame.


We created a unique social media strategy to reflect the game’s creative vision and narrative, as well as a content plan that excites gamers and fans of LEGO, DC Comics and Warner Bros Games (from tease through to launch of the game). We tailored our assets to reach audiences on two levels:

Character focused content to drive awareness and build engagement
Feature content to drive deeper interaction and purchase intent

The ongoing campaign to date has achieved phenomenal results
without any paid media support.


We teased in the arrival of the Super-Villains with a series of vandalisms – taking over and transforming the channels for the previous LEGO title: LEGO Batman 3. We also created a series of countdown animations to use on Instagram Stories for the build-up to the game’s announce.


We announced LEGO DC Super-Villains with a variety of content themes:

  • Wanted Posters that employed motion design to showcase the key art characters and build intrigue
  • 3D models of Harley Quinn and The Joker, utilizing Facebook’s latest innovation to drive interactive engagement with the key characters in a new format
  • Eye-catching event posts to get online audiences to our events, panels and demos on time and at the right place
  • Memes to bring the characters and humor to life for fans through a universally popular format


In the “Character Creator” phase we tailored our content plan to the USP of the game, the “Custom Character Creator”, and used video, interactive stories and Carousels to get audiences engaging with the idea!


By combining interactivity with the game’s overarching story, we provided fans with the opportunity to find out more about their favourite Super-Villains and their backstories. This encouraged the collection of our content amongst fans while also keeping them engaged for future posts.


Countdowns × Super-Villains Unite! × We Want You!

Our launch assets utilized gameplay, cutscenes, original illustrations and calls to action – all to sustain the hype and inspire people to get the game, create their Super Villain and share their creations with the #LEGODCGame community online!


Over 40 Million Impressions
Over 35 Million people reached
Over 500,000 actively engaged fans
Over 10 Million video views

In addition to the above figures, our best performing content drove Engagement Rates* well above the industry average:

3% Engagement Rate
27,814 People Reached
4,749 Video Views
1,209 Engagements

11.5% Engagement Rate
24,145 People Reached
2,767 Engagements
32,401 Impressions

4.5% Engagement Rate
53,723 Impressions
18,661 Media views
2,433 Total engagements

*Average organic engagement rate benchmarks: Facebook: 0.16% | Instagram: 1.73% | Twitter: 0.046%. Source Rival IQ

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