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Junior Motion Designer

We’re looking for a JUNIOR MOTIONS GRAPHIC DESIGNER to join our team. You’ll need to have a diverse portfolio, a willingness to learn and a passion for graphic design. An interest in gaming (console / PC / mobile) would be a definite advantage, as a growing volume of our work lies in this exciting field.
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Animation Content Producer

We’re looking for someone who lives and breathes motion graphics with creative flair and a sharp eye for detail.
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The Eye-D brand gets a refresh

Self-branding is a very unnatural thing. It involves removing ourselves from the day-to-day, stepping back and looking at what we collectively represent. Generally it’s much easier branding another organisation than it is your own.
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Behind the scenes at our latest TVC shoot

We were asked by the client to create an advert to showcase their new Star Wars Match game and show its portability. We got our creatives and copywriter together and brainstormed the concept. We came up with the idea of showing a family camping in the woods and two kids playing the game inside their...
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5 things creatives should consider when working on programmatic creative

To make things a little less daunting I’ve listed a few considerations that had we known earlier, I would most likely have more hair on my head, and still remember what my children look like. Hope it helps!
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